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Investment Approach

Experience saved is
experience earned.

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Having gone through multiple economic and property cycles, we’ve learned when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, and when to cash out. Our approach towards the identification of investment opportunities remains as disciplined as ever. It is a strategy that has enabled us to acquire quality assets at below-cap prices and add significant value in record time.

We scour the real estate landscape to unearth projects with both investment and redevelopment potential. We proudly attribute a part of our continued growth to our knack for locating competitive prospects ahead of investment trends. We apply this methodology to one investment at a time.

Each property is treated as an individual business, and we cater to it by expounding upon its strengths and marginalizing any weaknesses. Every asset is directly managed in house to control risk and to take advantage of creative exit strategies if and when needed.

Verivia Virtues

A blue star is shown in the shape of a person.

Due Diligence & Capital Deployment – An ability to efficiently and comprehensively conduct due diligence, underwrite, and close on investments.

Partnership Orientation – A strong track record of building long-term relationships with proven sponsors, as well as continuously fostering new relationships.

Flexibility – The willingness and ability to tailor investment structures to suit project, circumstance, and partner needs.